Would you like to celebrate the birth of your new child in an alternative way to a traditional christening?

A Naming Day allows you to share your joy and pride in the new life you have created or the young person who you’ve become guardian to.  It gives you the opportunity to safeguard your child’s future by nominating Guide Parents.  The purpose of the Naming Day can be the following:

  • To formally welcome new arrival
  • It introduces child to extended family and wider community
  • Highlights the importance of family
  • Can include siblings and and make them feel involved
  • It can include the formal role of Guide Parents
  • Re-affirm or celebrate specific family values or principles
  • An opportunity to celebrate uniqueness
  • A way for family to get together and share stories
  • Create new memories
  • Celebration of the “name”
  • Bring a family unit together
  • Rite of passage
  • Child centered

The ceremony can be designed around your own values and culminates in your pledges and well-wishing for your child or children.  If you have older children you may also wish them to have a formal role in proceedings.   Afterwards, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to come together with your extended family; have time to remember old conversations and celebrations and of course, have a great time creating new memories!

A Naming Certificate is provided as part of the Ceremony, which will be signed by parents, guide parents and the Celebrant.  It’s a lovely way to formalise things and is also a wonderful keepsake of the Naming Day.

Get in touch to make an appointment.  Naming Ceremonies are normally £150.